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Mix-d: Hair Product Review - by mixed.up.mama

My First Experience with Mix-d Biracial Hair Products

Mix-d Biracial Hair ProductsI wet her hair as I usually do, then sprayed the detangling spray product generously throughout. Apart from the lovely smell which I noticed immediately, when I attempted to brush, it seemed to just slide through her hair.
Okay, not slide, that’s an exaggeration. My youngest wakes up with a literal bird’s nest in the morning. I love her hair, don’t get me wrong but the tangles in her thick hair can be a difficult ask to get through each morning.
So when she seemed to take the first brush-through and then the next with each stroke, I was pleasantly surprised!
The leave- in conditioner added extra moisture and I applied it generously enjoying the lingering smell that it left in my daughter’s hair.

Who is the man behind the brand “Mix-d”?

I’ve since e-met the lovely founder behind this brand- Bradley Lincoln. He’s 50 this year and incredibly proud of his niche-driven product.
He says, “I wanted create a good quality product at a good price for my kids , friends and family. As a parent, I had become frustrated at the amount of American products which were being targeted at BAME groups.
I also wanted to see my children’s full identity represented in a brand. Currently, most products in the market place are ‘mono-heritage’. They target European hair types or Afro hair types. I wanted my kids to feel represented and ‘enough’.”

How many of us have heard that? That our kids are half- this, half-that??!

When either black hair products are too greasy or white hair products not moisturising enough, where are the products that specifically target the curly, biracial hair market?

Bradley’s inspiration harkens back to, “When I was younger, I struggled to figure out where I fitted in. Whilst I had a very happy childhood I often felt  – not black enough to be black or white enough to be white – and wanted some answers.”

“Most of the adults around me were mono-heritage (had two white or two black parents) so they did not see the world from my position.

In personality and heritage, I felt like I was all of my mother and all of my father – but was often expected to disown one side of myself, at the exclusion of another. So, I made a commitment in my head to one day remove some of the awkward silence surrounding the subject.”

So Why start a Biracial Hair Product Line?

Bradley says he initially started Mix-d as a Multiple Heritage Project in 2007. He was trying to make a positive contribution to social, academic and commercial conversations on mixed-race identity.

And up until that point, the reality was it was (and still is to a large extent) mostly owned by academics. Bradley wanted to include the voice and opinions of everyday people. Once he did that, it was time to bring the ‘Mix-d: Concept’ into a new commercial market place.

So what makes Mix-d Biracial Hair products so special?

Bradley describes the ingredients in his products as entirely eco-friendly and bio degradable. His products contain an intelligent ingredient called Varisoft EQ 100 which, he says, is great for keeping hair moisturised.
Reassuringly, his products are also vegan friendly and use naturally derived Argan extract and Olive oil.

“Our process is unique. I listened, I researched and got together with a chemist, focus group and designed the formula from scratch.

Our brand started out as a community project, over 10 years ago, supporting mixed-race children and parent/careers. (We are not a multi-national who have suddenly recognised the value in this customer group).”  Mix-d: Hair is part of a larger project and has been largely self-funded by the Mix-d education work.

What is significant about the name Mix-d? Isn’t it spelt wrong?

Bradley says this about the Mix-d brand, “Right from the start, I aimed to create a brand which could act as a platform for the many mixed-race discussion.
When you remove artificial additives (commonly know as E’s or E numbers) from food you are left with a fresh, healthy, artificial free product.

Similarly, by removing the letter ‘E’ from Mix-d we are left with a fresh, healthy and new ‘Mix-d: Dialog’.

We added the colon for flexibility. Historically, the mixed-race experience has been subsumed under a ‘one size’ fits all approach and presented as such. I wanted to expand that approach and add colour to a topic, which has been simply Black and White.”

What do other Mixed Race People think of your Hair Products?

Bradley says, “The feedback has been amazing. People get great results from the detangling conditioning spray and they love the lasting fragrance/results from our leave-in conditioning lotion. I’m proud of our first product and look forward to making many more.”
I am one of those people. Just an average Mum who tried his products and was honestly impressed. A worthy brand which is obviously effective. The price is pretty good too!
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