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Why I took the ‘e’ out of mixed.

Mix-d: is pronounced - mixed. When I first developed the Mix-d: Logo, my aim was to create a brand identity which was strong, unique, and favourable. At the same time, it was important to establish a voice which could be trusted and associated with a mixed-race experience. One evening, I was enjoying a drink with a friend and scribbling ‘mixed’ on the back of a beer mat. In an unforced moment of creativity - complimented by an after-work glass of beer.

I took the letter ‘e’ out of mixed and replaced it with a hyphen.

There and then - Mix-d was born.

It occurred to me; when you remove artificial additives (commonly know as E’s or E numbers) from food you are left with a fresh, healthy, artificial free product.

Similarly, by removing the letter ‘E’ from Mix-d we are left with a fresh, healthy and new ‘Mix-d: Dialog’.

We added the colon for flexibility. Historically, the mixed-race experience has been subsumed under a 'one size' fits all approach and presented as such. I wanted to expand that approach and add colour to a topic, which has been simply Black and White.

Our brand formula allows us to move between sectors, locations and mindsets. For example. Mix-d: Education is about supporting professionals and young people. This work is equally as important and relevant as our conversation within the fashion industry, under the title of Mix-d: Face.

Everything we do at Mix-d is about removing awkward silences which have clogged up the discussion. We believe in making a positive contribution to social, academic and commercial comversation on mixed-race identity.

Most importantly, it is about ensure mixed lifestyles and identities are visible in future markets.

Our next exciting project is to create a unisex haircare range specifically formulated for mixed and curly hair. This wil be co-created with the consumer group. 

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