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How to Manage Frizz, Condition and Detangle Mixed/Curly Hair

Conditioning Spray

Ideal for managing frizz and detangling. Apply to wet or dry hair. You can spray into the palm of your hand and apply to hair. Alternatively, hold the spray about 2/3 inches away from the hair. Press the trigger and apply a light mist spray to cover hair from crown to tip. Ideal as a ‘refresher’ in the middle of the day and great for detangling wet hair.


Leave In Conditioner Lotion

Ideal for adding moisture to short or dry hair. Use on wet or dry hair. Apply a small amount of lotion (about the size of a 10p) to the centre of your palm. Work into your hands then apply directly onto hair.  This is a great lightweight product which is ideal for open or tight curls. Adjust amount to suit your own hair type.