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Conditioner Leave-in Lotion

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Conditioner Leave-in Lotion: 

3-in-1 leave-in conditioner - lotion.

Create your true identity, curl by curl. For mixed and curly hair.

A light weight and lightly fragranced leave-in lotion conditioner. Ideal for mixed race and curly hair. Leaves your curls feeling conditioned, free from frizz and natural. Suitable for loose open curls and small tight curls.

What it does:

Leaves hair feeling conditioned, natural and good to touch.
Helps to define your curls without leaving heavy residue
Removes frizz to reveal healthy, full manageable curls

Use on wet or dry hair. Add a small amount of lotion to the palm of your hair. Apply evenly across hair. Ideal for loose open and small tight curls. Apply larger amounts to thicker hair.

Free from harmful chemicals

Paraben free - Yes
Phthalate free - Yes
Suitable for vegans - Yes
Dye free - Yes
Does not contain mineral oils.





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